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Are you where you want to be in terms of your finances, career, investments, entrepreneurial endeavors, etc? If not, it can be less about what you’re doing and more about the macroeconomic factors that you don’t control. It may also be your lack of understanding of the markets you’re involved with or simply the lack of contact with the people who are having success in areas you’d like to have. In either case, there's probably someone involved with The Investment Forum who has the knowledge or experience you need to know.  Let’s get together and talk about it. In the The Money, Jobs, Entrepreneurship & Happiness Forum, we’ll tackle all those subjects and more in our first forum of 2015. 

These forums are designed with interactive communication in mind. We use the wisdom of the crowds and the integrity, knowledge and experience of the speakers to lead the discussions while providing real solid understanding for those who have come to gain. I will be your host in an afternoon of knowledge sharing.  
We will have a plethora of food, information and an uncommonly good time as we prepare ourselves for success in Q2 2016 and beyond.  

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