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"I turned an $8 an hour job into a multi-million dollar portfolio and this is how I did it!

Real Estate for Real People
Anthony Von Mickle is President of The Investment Forum, a real estate and equity investments group based in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Based upon his interests, through formal education and practical research, he has learned that actively pursuing what you want, regardless of your personal background, is a key ingredient to the attainment of accumulated wealth in residential real estate investments. Wealth can be acquired in this field by anyone willing to do the work and formulate this goal. Real Estate for Real People: A Guide to Achieving Profitability in Residential Real Estate Investing is a guide to help long-term investors seeking profit in residential real estate investments. Von Mickle stresses the initial accumulation of preliminary information which helps prevent problems down the line. For example, examine zoning and planning details of the economic development office in the counties in which you wish to invest in property, obtain tax assessment information and detail an exit strategy. Von Mickle provides valuable tools that can help secure profitable residential real estate investments. Learn from an expert who has extensively studied extremely wealthy people and successfully utilized their common traits of passion, timing, fear, and leverage. He shares how anyone can use these traits to their financial advantage.
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Slide 68: 86 Your Current Life and Pursue the Lifestyle You've Been Dreaming Of
This book is best suited for someone who desires more from life, whether that is money, career or self fulfillment. Slide 68 was the moment I knew the track that I was on was not going to get me the lifestyle I was dreaming of so I had to make moves to pursue my dreams. It is a call to action. You will not read this book then be content to sit idly while others pass you by. Slide 68 will make you move and even if you don't receive everything you're looking for as fast as you want it (nobody does by the way), you will certainly get substantially closer than where you are now and you will also enjoy the ride along the way. The title says it all, 86 your current life meaning get rid of it and "pursue" the lifestyle you've been dreaming of. Your dream life should be filled with love and happiness. That means you have to itemize your dream life from dust to dawn and fill in all the blanks throughout a typical day which again should not be an exercise in painful work but a joyful exercise that paints a beautiful future. Your dream life is out there - go get it! God Bless and enjoy the ride.
Slide 68: 86 Your Current Life and Pursue the Lifestyle You've Been Dreaming Of Audio CD

Too busy to read books.  No problem, you can listen to nearly an hour of Slide 68 on audio CD read by the author himself.  Settle on not Settling!
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Activate Gorilla Grind Mode

"The zone in which one exhibits enough effort for private jet level success". 

Make no mistake about it.  If you want success, you have to grind.  There is no 9 to 5, go home, watch t.v. until you fall asleep, relax on the weekends, avoid reading, studying, strategizing, etc.  You have to work and work efficiently, meeting with and analyzing people who have what you want.  It requires intense effort that requires you to frequently be in a zone.  That zone is what's called Gorilla Grind Mode and you have now been activated.  Let's Work!

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