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After you dream your wildest dreams...let's plan and execute a strategy to pursue them
When it comes to investments, there’s always a bottom line. You want that extra money for something and it may be more than your desire for a college education or a comfortable retirement. At The Investment Forum, we’re dreamers and believe in pursuing our wildest dreams. That takes investments of time and money.  

Before we invest, we like to talk to others who have gone before us so we can get a true understanding of what may lie ahead. You tell us your experience and we’ll tell you ours, and end the end we’ll all come out the wiser. It’s as simple as that. No gimmicks, no tricks, no get-rich-quick schemes. Just shared experiences with good people over a meal. With that being said, let’s talk.  

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​Settle on not settling.  Pursue your wildest dreams and you'll discover that the pursuit alone was worth it
Anthony Von Mickle on success after attending The Citadel's Business School.